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The Breadtag Sagas © are tales of travel, food, books, art, science and other things that interest me. They are a pastiche of information, opinion, advice, advocacy about life and humanity. I hope you enjoy them. Give me feedback.

 About me

(Dr) Tony Stewart is a biologist and analyst by training. He has run a strategic market research company, been an R&D consultant and a late starting artist. He has been a volunteer involved in efforts to stop a dam and with the general issue of the poor treatment of displaced people in India. He was also a board member and ex-chair of PhotoAccess a community access facility for photography and multimedia.



  1. Great piece on the Murray darling catastrophe. thanks! do you know that there will be a blockade of the highway across the Darling river brdige at Wilcannia, 13 March a
    nd ff. All invited! The first Nations people are organizing and want support from all concened. I believe Nations are coming from many areas, and there may e blockades at other venues

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment!

      Sorry, Can’t make it. But a great idea. Need to keep the whole thing front & centre. Educate communities in the Basin that they are being screwed for short-term profit and not for the long term future of Australia

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