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Breadtag Sagas Catalogue 2016

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Breadtag Sagas Main Catalogue 2016

This catalogue represent roughly a year of Breadtag Sagas: Tales of travel, food, books, art and science… It is intended as an annotated browsing guide.

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The Catalogue

The aim of the Catalogue below is to give you the option of browsing all the articles written until the end of June 2016. They are organised under each of the Categories: Travel, Food, Books, Art, The Rest in turn, under article Heading and date posted with a brief description.

The Travel and Food Categories are ordered by place in the World: Asia (Southeast, South and Japan) Europe, Middle East, Oceania (Australia).

Books by Classic Science Fiction, Crime & Detective Fiction, Non-Fiction, Other

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The Rest is too idiosyncratic to categorise thus far and is simply placed under headings for grouped articles.

Articles are placed in what I consider to be the main Category but other posting categories are indicated in Brackets after the date.

The number of words as a figure for the text part and for the total (including Further Information) are given in brackets at the bottom of each entry (e.g. 1900 of 2700 words).



SE Asia

What Travel Costs 7: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Meat Stall, Muang Mai Markets

Chiang Mai, Thailand

24 April, 2016

This series tries to put a cost on travel that I have done over the past few years. The aim is to accurately record costs to help people plan trips, to describe the trips themselves (and eventually for archival purposes and history).

I have been hanging out in Chiang Mai for a few weeks to a month or more at a time for several years. Initially, we were thinking of possibly retiring in Chiang Mai but found the intermediate steps, i.e. being able to spend 3 to 6 months at a time too difficult because of Thai Visa requirements. We didn’t want to have to do a border run every month and didn’t ever get to enrol in a language course to be able to spend a year.

This was the first time I’d accurately costed my stay in Chiang Mai. I also give some indication of current costs in India too and talk about the difficulties in travelling and not being penalised with fees by one’s own bank.

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South Asia

The Colour of India

Lambadi Woman, Gramya, 2005

The Colour of India

23 March, 2016  (Art)

The genesis of this article was to inspire pastel artists to make art about India, which was their theme for the year, by providing a slide show and talking about it.

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Postcard from Nepal: Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath Stupa, Nepal

Postcard from Nepal

25 April, 2015

This was my first post ever. It covers our first couple of days in Nepal on our 2013 visit to Patale (a health clinic we support) in our friend Dorje’s village and to Juke where our other friend Kanche (Dorje’s brother-in-law) comes from. We also went trekking in the Everest region with Teresa. I must post the photo essays of these two trips.

Coincidentally, shortly after posting this, we learned of the tragic earthquake in Nepal that occurred on the same day, on the morning after.

The postcards with photographs are short snippets of travel to a particular location. The location is self-evident and an attempt is made to tell something about the place and why it is worth a visit.

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Autumn in Japan

Not quite Autumn, Miyajima Island, near Hiroshima, 28 October

Autumn in Japan

29 October, 2015

This is a photo essay with information about autumn in Japan from our trip to Japan in autumn 2013. As with the Spring Cherry Blossom season the Japanese treat Autumn very seriously. Literally translated as ‘red leaves,’ kōyō brings the Japanese out en masse to celebrate momiji-gari (maple leaf viewing) .

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Addicted to Sumo too

Featured photo: Simon Q Flickr, Wikimedia, Sumo bow-twirling ceremony, May 2014

Addicted to Sumo too

20 October, 2015 (Books)

While in Japan, our tour component coincided with the Kyushu Basho (tournament) in Fukuoka. We watched it on TV every night for the two weeks and became addicted. The article is about Sumo Wrestling and why it is so interesting. It covers the history of Sumo and the Champions of the last decade or so.

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The Philippines

What travel costs 3: Scuba diving in the Philippines 2

Jeepney, Manila 2012

Scuba diving in the Philippines 2

30 June, 2015

This documents a trip to the Sulu Sea and other places in the Philippines by three of us in 2012 for scuba diving. Although individual dives in other regions are sometimes rated amongst the world’s best, the Philippines has as much diversity of diving and wonderful places as anywhere. The Tubbataha Reefs National Park in the Sulu Sea is one of the most pristine diving areas on Earth. It was a fantastic experience. Peurto Princesa and the backward Province of Palawan our departure point are also well worth visiting. We also went to Donsol to snorkel with whale sharks, which unfortunately we missed by a week but the experience was fantastic.

 (980 words)

What travel costs 2: Scuba diving in the Philippines 1

Coron. Palawan paradise, 2011

Scuba diving in the Philippines 1

24 June, 2015

This documents a slightly cheaper trip to Cebu, Apo Island and Coron in the Philippines with my nephew in 2012 for scuba diving. Apo Island is beautiful with a variety of wonderful reef dives only minutes from your accommodation. The wreck diving into Japanese WWII ships on Coron is amongst the world’s best. As a beginner it was both stimulating and terrifying an amazing experience. The local waters around Coron town are a paradise in their own right and well worth a day’s cruising and snorkeling.

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AirBNB Adventures 1: Italy & Sicily 2012

View of Ortygia Island, the historical centre of Syracuse, Sicily

AirBNB Italy & Sicily 2012

25 May, 2016

This is the first in a short series on travel using AirBNB. We travelled in Italy and Sicily in 2012. The article covers the history of AirBNB briefly. 2012 was the end of the first growth phase of airBNB before it really took off. The places we stayed in in Italy and Sicily are covered to give an idea of the type of accommodation available and why it was attractive. The places themselves are covered briefly as tourist destinations to give some idea of parts of Italy and Sicily for travel planning.

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Postcard from The Rock of Cashel

Rock of Cashel, Old Tower, 1101

Postcard from The Rock of Cashel

24 January, 2016

The postcards with photographs are short snippets of travel to a particular location. The location is self-evident and an attempt is made to tell something about the place and why it is worth a visit.

The Rock of Cashel is an important historical site on the way to the West of Ireland from Dublin well worth an overnight stay. The Christian ruins date from 1101. But the history, settlement and fortifications are from much earlier. The town itself is also delightful. Worth one night’s stay at least.

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Luhmühlen Horse Trials 2014

Lucinda Fredericks AUS Flying Finish Jump 5 ICE-VIBE Oxer, Luhmühlen 2014

Luhmühlen Horse Trials 2014

25 November, 2015

Horse Trials or Cross Country Eventing is a specialist and somewhat dangerous sport. Luhmühlen in Germany is one of six CCI**** (the highest level) held around the world each year. The article and photo essay were acknowledged by several of the top-level eventers at the 2014 competition. We also went to the Burghley Horse Trials in the UK a few months later in 2014 and at some stage I may post some information about that.

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What travel costs 6: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Old City of Dubrovnik, walls & Lokrum Island

What travel costs 6: Dubrovnik, Croatia

26 August , 2015

We spent two weeks in the summer of 2014 in a slightly upmarket holiday around Dubrovnik. We needed to get out of the Schengen visa area of the EU and Croatia seemed a good place to start before moving on to the UK. I received some good feedback on this article. We travelled to the Elaphite Islands and Miljet as well as spending quite some time in Dubrovnik itself. We also visited Mostar and Montenegro on day trips.

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What travel costs 5: Germany

Newly sown field near Großenkneten


15 August, 2015

We spent two months house-sitting in Germany, with some limited travel around Germany. The house-sitting experience is documented below. The article outlines our costs while house-sitting near Großenkneten and includes short trips to Hamburg, Luhmühlen horse trials, Belsen and Berlin with brief descriptions and travel suggestions.

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What travel costs 4: eight months in Europe

Duomo from the Uffizi, Florence

Eight months in Europe

30 July, 2015

This is a detailed analysis of what spending eight months in Europe in 2014 cost. We began with two-months house-sitting in Germany followed by two-and-a-half weeks in Croatia. Then we went to the UK for two months with two short periods of house-sitting in the Chiltern hills, three weeks and two weeks, respectively and on to Ireland for three weeks. After Ireland we spent 6 weeks in Florence and two weeks in Paris before flying home.

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House-sitting in northern Germany: Where we live

Where we live

5 May, 2015

This is the second of two articles on our house-sitting in Germany describing the area and a little of its history. The house we minded was a typical two family German house in the country near Großenkneten. We lived upstairs and had a 360° view of fields, woodland and the local area. There were forests nearby, the older houses in the area were typical of the Low German Farmhouse some from the early 18th century. It was a very pleasant bucolic area of Lower Saxony with interesting historical towns and small cities not far away. Some history of the area and farm architecture is given.

(1700 words)

Our first house-sitting assignment with strangers

A neighbour's early Low German farmhouse

House-sitting for strangers

4 May, 2015

This is a slightly tongue-in-cheek narrative of the travails of responsible house-sitters on their first assignment. We were perhaps unprepared for suddenly beginning anew in a foreign milieu, where we didn’t understand the language at all. There were many things to learn about quickly, even finding our way around the country side and not getting lost in it.

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Middle East

Postcard from Dubai

From the Burj Khalifa

Postcard from Dubai

25 April, 2015

This, my second post, documents a three-day trip to Dubai in 2012. I was surprised that Dubai wasn’t the negative Babylon I’d been expecting. We began in the old part of Dubai along the Creek populated by South Asians and visited the museum, the local souks and some old merchant houses. Next day we began out tour of Babylon with a tour of the Burj Khalifa and the view from the highest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa is a beautiful building. We visited other parts of Dubai, the malls, Atlantis and the beaches, and talked to ordinary workers and taxi drivers.

(920 words)


What travel costs 1: Alice Springs

Alice Springs, Coutts Point, 2013

Alice Springs

7 June, 2015

This documents a trip to Alice Springs in 2013 glam-camping and walking parts of the Larapinta Trail and an outback bus trip to Uluru and Kings Canyon with an accompanying photoessay. The Larapinta Trail was a fantastic adventure, an amazingly beautiful adventure in the desert of Australia as shown by the photographs. The trip to Uluru was also fantastic. It had been raining just before we visited Kata Tjuta which made the clarity of the air and the wet rocks simply wonderful. Kings Canyon was also a marvellous surprise. The photographs reveal the countryside in all its magnificence.

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Regarding future articles on Travel, the general travel articles will continue, I’ve barely begun to cover some of the travel from 2012 to 2015.  The cost of travel articles will also continue, as will the postcards series. I have several annotated photoessays in waiting. I am also contemplating ongoing travel into the future.

The text of each article on Travel ranges from 920 to 3740 words with an average of 1881 words. This will vary from section to section.

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