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Food Catalogue 2016

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Food Catalogue, BreadtagSagas 2016

The articles so far are mainly about food in Chiang Mai, Thailand with two longer articles about mangoes and British food.


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SE Asia

Food in Chiang Mai 5: Airport Plaza

Prepared Food Outside Kad Luang Food Hall

Airport Plaza

9 April, 2016

This article is about restaurants and other  food to be found in Airport Plaza. Apart from the Kad Luang Lanna Foodhall, the other restaurants are part of Thai chains and part of the culinary ouvre of Thailand that is frequently neglected. This is only a tiny sample of Thai franchise food.

Because I have been going to Chiang Mai regularly for a month or more at a time sometimes and because one of the reasons I like Chiang Mai so much is because of the food on offer, I have written this series of articles on different aspects of food in Chiang Mai.

The titles are self-evident but I hope these articles are useful for those who are travelling to Chiang Mai and don’t know the town well and also provide perhaps a different insight into the food for ex-pats and those who know Chiang Mai well.

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Food in Chiang Mai 4: French and Italian Restaurants

Advertising Poster of girl, Chiang Mai

French and Italian Restaurants

23 July, 2015

This article is about some of the French and Italian Restaurants to be found in Chiang Mai. My favourites. They are all good and an example of the culinary variety to be found in Chiang Mai.

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Food in Chiang Mai 3: Khao Soy

Ton Lamyai part of Wororot Market

Khao Soy

12 May, 2015

Khao Soy is a type of curry appropriated from the Burmese but it is also a style of eating and a type of restaurant mainly for lunch. A visit to a Khao Soy Restaurant is very popular for office workers in a group. It is an opportunity to talk and share a wide range of food. Sometimese the popular Khoa Soy Restaurants are visited by senior police officers. Some hapless young constable stops traffic, directs the police vehicles into the carpark and across the road. This article has had a large number of visits.

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Food in Chiang Mai 2: Lunch at Pho Vieng Chane

Hill tribes Thailand, Artwork 2002 ©

Lunch at Pho Vieng Chane

26 April, 2015

This is about a small Vietnamese Restaurant popular with locals for lunch.

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Food in Chiang Mai 1: Akha Tribal Food

Hill tribes Thailand, Artwork 2002 ©

Akha Tribal Food

26 April, 2015

This is about food cooked for me by my friend Phennapha which is traditional Akha food. Akha Tribal food is not that well-known and the article showcases some of the basic cuisine.

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South Asia

In praise of Indian Mangoes

Movie poster at Jubilee Hills Check Post, Hyderabad

Indian Mangoes

8 May , 2015

We went to a wedding in Hyderabad in 2011 in the height of mango season. The next week I was in Chiang Mai eating a mango and I had an epiphany about why Indian mangoes were different. The article is an amusing and informative article about mangoes with a serious ending. It was published in Himal Southasian Magazine in December 2011, according to the Editor the whole office read the draft and were delighted by it.

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British food an appraisal of the middle

Houses Hambleden Village, Buckinghamshire, England, UK

British food

29 May, 2015

We spent two months in central England from late summer in 2014 and had both spent a year in the UK in the early 1980s. British food has supposedly improved markedly over 30 years and it seemed a good opportunity to appraise the changes. We were travelling and house-sitting so we avoided the top end of English fine dining, hence the appraisal of the middle. I expected to get negative comments on this article but haven’t so far.

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Regarding future articles on Food, the food section to date is dominated by articles on Food in Chiangmai. I don’t think this is a bad thing. I suspect that my food in Chiang Mai articles will stand the test of time and the only challenge is the more ephemeral City Life magazine and their Spoon & Fork supplement.  There are more to come.

I was surprised that the British food article hasn’t as yet received any challenge or condemnation from the British.

The In Praise of Indian Mangoes article is one of the best articles I’ve written on food to date. However, I think it will be surpassed in the future. There is much to come. I feel that I haven’t even touched the depth of the articles on food that I intend to write. Food articles from the perspective of eating are a growing genre and there is much that could have been written on food that hasn’t been.

The text of each article on Food ranges from 690 to 4490 words with an average of 2480 words. This will vary from section to section.

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