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Help Me Get Indexed Again on Google

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Indexed on Google

Help Me Get Indexed on Google Again

First off thank you everyone for your help getting back up on Google. I’ve copied the information from EH Carr & Temporary Catalogue so that you can work out why I am doing this. And I would appreciate your clicking on all the links you feel capable of doing. a few seconds of your time, preferably on a daily basis helps me immeasurably to get back my indexing status on Google and other searches.

What I’d Like You to do

I’ve sorted out my problems. Got my Sitemap back up and running and gone through and re-indexed all my missing articles (close to 200), which Google allowed me to do with a limit of about 15-17 each day. The EH Carr articles are getting back again to the top of specific search pages, which kind of helps everything else. But you need to keep clicking on them regularly for a little while to come (see EH Carr What is History? below).

Now I am going to ask you to start with the second order articles.

Please Click on these articles each day for as long as you can give me a few seconds each day!

Hieronymus Bosch Painter

JBS Haldane, The Origin of Life 1929

The Murray-Darling Basin Catastrophe

Rukmini Rao Woman of the Year 2014

The previous article explains everything.

EH Carr & other articles: Temporary Catalogue because you can’t find them on Google Search

How I stuffed up

It’s not just me but often when you have upgrade your WordPress or any other component system, your website sometimes doesn’t work properly and you have to scramble to find out what’s wrong and fix it! I did fix it a month ago but missed the signs of something else that was wrong. And it took me a month to realise.

Sitemaps are how Google indexes your web site and all your articles. Now many of my articles have disappeared from Google. Hopefully that will be fixed soon! However, all my most popular articles have disappeared from web searches. I don’t know if they’ll ever come back.

Thousands of university students around the world, many from developing countries or areas in South Asia, Asia and Africa, will no longer be able to access My three articles on EH Carr What is History?

So as a vain attempt to allow people access and even get them up and running again, I’m at least trying to help anyone visiting my site to permit instant access to my most popular posts.

EH Carr What is History?

These articles are a fantastic summary of the difficulties in writing about history. Have a read! You’ll find the articles entertaining and informative. Thousands of students can’t be wrong.

What is History? by EH Carr 1961 a compilation of the George Macaulay Trevelyan Lectures delivered at The University of Cambridge in 1961.

EH Carr was an erudite maverick. The Cambridge University History Department never warmed to him.

EH Carr What is History? 5: The Historian and his Facts

EH Carr What is History? 7: Causation in History

EH Carr What is History? 8: History as Progress

The Activist Series

These articles are my social conscience.

1984: The Way We Were

A bit of history, environmentalism, technology and just how things were back then. A reminder of where we’ve come from.

1984, The Way we Were

The Banking Royal Commission is an indictment of corporate Australia, especially the banking and financial corporations. For nearly a year in 2018 we were shown nightly on television a drama on the malfeasance of the banking and financial sector. We were shown heart-rending stories of how the banks ruined the lives of ordinary Australians. The Royal Commission through the remarkable Kenneth Hayne and his ‘baby-faced assassins’ came up with an integrated framework of practical reforms that would have transformed the banks and financial sector and perhaps the whole of corporate Australia. The Government virtually ignored them. Average Australians didn’t seem to give a damn about things that destroyed lives and might even destroy theirs.

I heard recently that it is in the interests of just those politicians (Angus Taylor for example) that we are cynical about, believe to be corrupt, and liars or purveyors of misinformation (Matt Canavan) because they are targeting a narrow constituency of supporters and it is in their interests that we feel powerless and do nothing!

Understanding the Banking Royal Commission

The Murray Darling-Basin

Water mismanagement in Australia’s biggest river system. Another area where big money, big agribusinesses and corruption are destroying Australia’s future.

The Murray-Darling Basin Catastrophe

In response to a wonderful Quarterly Essay by Margaret Simons called Cry Me a River, I updated my information on the Murray Darling-Basin catastrophe.

The Murray-Darling Basin Catastrophe Update 2020

The Coal Curse

Next quarter Judith Brett published a Quarterly Essay entitled the Coal Curse about resources, climate changes and Australia’s future.

This is particularly pertinent as this week the government bribed the recalcitrant National Party to grudgingly support a zero carbon policy by 2050 in time for the Prime Minister to fly to Glasgow Climate Change Conference (COP 26). They don’t seem to realise that this is irrelevant now because the world has moved on.

In the paper I quoted Zoe Whitton’s correspondence. She mentions a comment by Kingsmill Bond on climate transition at an international conference in 2019:

Bond noted almost as an aside that a few (energy-exporting) nations would of course find it almost impossible to undertake a transition. … [H]e argued that the trajectories of these countries were irrelevant. There were only a few of them, and their populations were small. 

The Australian government doesn’t realise that they will come under sanctions in the near future because the world has moved on. Fortunately, state governments and the corporate sector in Australia are moving forward, despite the government. Perhaps, Australia will begin to participate in the massive economic opportunities available for those responding to climate change.

The Coal Curse

Killing Osama bin Laden Update 2021

From mid-late 2015 I wrote three articles on the killing of Osama bin Laden, the present article was an update of what had happened over the last five years politically. I focused on the USA and UK but mentioned other countries, especially China.

Killing Osama bin Laden Update 2021

The Last Five Years Global Threats

Following the Killing Osama bin Laden Update 2021, I felt the need to write about the non-political global threats. These included mass extinction, climate change, human population, refugees, Covid-19 and the Internet and the dire consequences we face. Australia’s inaction on climate change is irrelevant here. It is too little too late by the rest of the world.

The Last Five Years Global Threats

Other Topics

I don’t always write about death and disaster and dire consequences. Other really popular articles are:

Hieronymus Bosch Painter (1450-1516)

Hieronymus Bosch has been an influence on my making art.

Hieronymus Bosch Painter (1450-1516)

JBS Haldane, The Origin of Life 1929

JBS Haldane is one of those great polymaths. He intuited on limited scientific information a theory on the origin of life on earth in 1929. AI Oparin in Russia had been working on the same topic for years. Haldane’s paper is not readily available so I posted an annotated copy online. Everyone should read it once in a lifetime.

Today many scientists think that the origin of life is more complex and difficult than the Haldane/Oparin theory but I think that they misunderstand the recent advances in molecular biology and genetics and think the theory will be validated in the not too distant future.

JBS Haldane, The Origin of Life 1929

Food in Chiang Mai 3: Khao Soy

Although number 5 in the series is more popular (perhaps because I inadvertently had it in my email signature for a number of years) or perhaps not. Khao Soy is my favourite Chiang Mai article. I’ve written a number of pertinent articles on food like In Praise of Indian Mangoes.

Food in Chiang Mai 3: Khao Soy

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